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Yinz is spoken by Pittsburghers, proud to be from a working class town that grew around a unique confluence of rivers. Yinzers before us have passed down cultural traditions, while embracing progress. They built bridges and rowhouses into cliffs, fought for fair wages and to restore the "H" to our city's name. We are the caretakers of the City of Champions, the City of Bridges, the Golden Triangle... Don't Be A Jag-Off.
Pittsburgh has great sporting traditions that are ingrained in our hearts with celebratory joy. Our teams weather us through the seasons. As children of the City of Champions, We Bleed Black N Gold.

Steelers Penguins
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Editor's Whiteboard
These are drawings of Pittsburgh sports stars done in dry-erase marker. We used to have a giant whiteboard on our wall, and I started doing these drawings to inspire our hometown teams. The newer ones were done on a smaller, clipboard size, but they still hold power. I take a large amount of pride for helping us win championships these past few years. It was a team effort, but they couldn't have done it without these.

-- Eric, Director of Internets

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Local Music
Pittsburgh has a rich musical history from Stephen Foster to Donnie Iris. Here is a collection of posters by Nils Balls from some rocking current acts.

Posters & Flyers